Nebulyft N1 Multipolar Micro-RF Anti-Aging Device

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This patented nebula of Titanium-Gold electrodes (µRFthera®) delivers RF energy with sub-millimeter precision. Reducing daily treatment time to as little as 10 minutes, the Nebulyft system allows for a progressively adaptive treatment for different skin types and various facial areas.
  • Reddot Award-winning Design
  • Effectively improve smile lines, fine lines, and neck wrinkles problems in 28 days of use
  • Quick hydration reduces swelling and dark circles and improves complexion
  • 10 Mins Daily Skincare Anywhere & Anytime
  • Fifth-gen RF technology with 384 Titanium-Gold electrodes.
  • Precise temperature control and monitoring 107°F (42°C),  five adjustable energy levels.
  • 5-6 treatments per charge for on-the-go beauty.
  • Poolside-friendly with IP67 waterproof.
  • Wireless Charging - Quick 2-hour recharge time.
  • One-touch LED button & LED Progress Light Bar
  • Connect with Nebulyft®️ iOS App for tutorials, tips, and exclusive benefits.

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28 Days Clinical Trials

Witness Your Skin Rejuvenation
  • Lighten spots
  • Shrink pores
  • Lighten fine lines
  • Smoothness Improvement

Cutting-Edge RFMEMS Micro-RF Dots Technology

The Nebulyft N1 Special Edition boasts the fifth generation of RFMEMS Micro-RF dots array technology. With an impressive array of 384 Titanium-Gold electrodes, these Micro-RF dots, set on a larger RF panel, work harmoniously to stimulate collagen cell regeneration effectively. Say goodbye to fine lines and hello to youthful radiance.

Nebulyft New RF Gold Microdot Technology

384 Micro-RF Eyelash Pattern on a 7.9in wide RF Panel - More Coverage, Better Results.

Using skin-friendly and safe Titanium-Gold material that is suitable for even sensitive skin.

Patented nebula of Titanium-Gold electrodes (µRFthera®)

Nebulyft's independent R&D patent uses 384 Titanium-Gold Micro-RF dots to deliver precise and uniform radio frequency energy. This effectively promotes collagen cell regeneration, restoring skin's radiance.

Gentle and Safe

Experience treatments with peace of mind as precise temperature control maintains a gentle 107.6°F (42°C). Enjoy intelligent control via the one-touch button with LED, complemented by vibration and sound alerts for seamless mode switching and power management.

Three Adjustable Levels of RF Energy

Personalize your skincare journey. Choose from a range of energy levels to tailor treatments precisely to your needs, delivering deep and effective results.

Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel

/Highly recommended by industry experts/

Two 50ml soothing gels (worth $45.98) will come with the package restores plumpness to your skin.

Wireless Charging

In just 2 hours of wireless charging, Nebulyft N1 offers the flexibility of 5-6 treatments, whether you're at home or globetrotting.

Nebulyft®️ iOS App Integration

Enhance your skincare journey with Nebulyft®️ iOS App integration. Seamlessly connect your Nebulyft N1 Special Edition to capture your skin transformation anytime, anywhere. Access tutorials, skincare tips, treatment tracking, and exclusive App-user-only discounts.

Grab-and-Go Portability

Its IP67 water and dustproof rating ensures worry-free premium skincare. Weighing a mere 0.25lbs, it's incredibly lightweight and portable, ready for use anytime, anywhere.






Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

Love how easy it is to use and the results

Almost Immediate Results

Definitely tightens the skin and lightens hyper pigmented areas.

So Enjoyable!

I have been using my Nebulyft for one month and I love it. I almost returned it before I opened it but decided to try it. It is my FAVORITE device and I look forward to using it! It is so easy to use and makes my skin look so fresh and smooth. I can angle it up under my eyes which I swear helps them depuff. The warmth is relaxing in the evening but I use it in the AM and love it just the same. I had a Nuface that I loathed using because of the gel. I do not loathe any part of using this device and the Nebulyft gel is LOVELY. That said, I am looking forward to more skin improvements but I already love it. Influencers have all commented about the power button - it is SO easy to use and who cares if you accidentally hit the button? I will return with skin improvement updates but for now, I am so happy I purchased the N1 and will continue to use it daily. I purchased mine after weeks of studying about Nebulyft and am very happy with my decision.

Skin is tightened

I have been using it for a month and noticed my skin is tightened especially under my eyes.

Kim Phillips
Love this little tool

Bought the Flag ship model after having used the Rose for a year. I love them both and still use both. It is such a nice warm feeling. I see noticeable plumping in my cheeks. A nice bounce when you touch it. Thinking about? Think no more. Just do it. You won’t be sorry.