Warranty Policy

Nebulyft Limited Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Coverage

Nebulyft®️ devices purchased directly from:

  1. https://www.nebulyft.com
  2. https://uk.nebulyft.com

are subject to a 1-year limited warranty, effective from the date of the initial purchase. This warranty specifically covers defects in materials and workmanship and does not cover damages caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, improper maintenance or repair, unauthorized modifications, or any other usage outside the printed instructions. Opening or disassembling the device will render the warranty null and void.

2. Unauthorized Sellers

Purchasing Nebulyft® devices from unauthorized sellers carries significant risks, as the product may be counterfeit, defective, or potentially hazardous for use. Counterfeit products may not meet the stringent quality standards established by Nebulyft® and may fail to deliver the intended performance and results. Furthermore, defective devices obtained through unauthorized channels might not have undergone thorough quality control checks, leading to malfunctions or safety concerns for the user. These risks are amplified by the potential dangers associated with using a device that has not been designed, tested, or approved by Nebulyft®. As a result, Nebulyft® assumes no responsibility or liability for any products purchased through unauthorized sellers, and any warranty coverage or customer support typically provided by Nebulyft® will not be available for such purchases. Customers are strongly encouraged to purchase Nebulyft® devices only from authorized sources to ensure they receive a genuine, high-quality product with the full benefits of the Nebulyft® limited warranty and customer support services.

3. Unauthorized Consumables

Utilizing unauthorized consumables in place of Nebulyft® Botanical Gel could lead to detrimental consequences for the device, potentially causing damage, malfunction, or even rendering the device inoperable. Moreover, the use of unauthorized consumables may result in the voiding of the warranty coverage provided by Nebulyft®. The compatibility, quality, and safety of unauthorized consumables cannot be guaranteed, as they have not been tested, approved, or endorsed by Nebulyft®. Consequently, their usage may adversely affect the device's performance, longevity, and overall user experience.

To maintain warranty coverage, ensure optimal performance, and preserve the device's durability, customers are strongly advised to use only authorized Nebulyft® consumables. Authorized consumables have been specifically designed, tested, and approved by Nebulyft® to work seamlessly with Nebulyft® devices. By exclusively using authorized consumables, customers can rest assured that they are providing their device with the highest quality components, thereby maximizing its performance, extending its lifespan, and retaining the warranty protection offered by Nebulyft®.

4. Warranty Claims Process

To initiate a warranty claim, customers should first contact Nebulyft® Customer Support by emailing support@nebulyft.com or support@nebulyft.uk, providing proof of purchase, a comprehensive description of the issue or defect, and any relevant photos or videos that may help illustrate the problem. Nebulyft® reserves the right to request additional information or documentation to validate the warranty claim and assess the most appropriate course of action to address the issue.

As an alternative, customers can visit the "Contact Us" page on the Nebulyft® website and fill in the inquiry form provided. This form allows customers to submit their warranty claims or other inquiries directly through the website, ensuring a streamlined process for addressing any concerns. Nebulyft® is committed to providing prompt and efficient customer support; email inquiries and warranty claims are typically acknowledged and replied to within 24 hours. By offering multiple channels for communication and support, Nebulyft® aims to deliver an exceptional customer experience and ensure that any issues with their devices are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

5. Nebucare™️ Replacement Service and Warranty Extension

Nebulyft® is proud to offer a unique Nebucare™️ replacement service specifically tailored for Nebulyft R1 device owners whose devices are still under the warranty period. By purchasing the Nebucare™️ service, customers have the opportunity to ship their current device back to Nebulyft® and, in return, receive a replacement unit outfitted with a brand new RF head. Although the remainder of the device components may be refurbished, Nebulyft® guarantees that these parts have undergone thorough testing and quality assurance processes to ensure their performance and reliability are on par with a brand new device.

The Nebucare™️ replacement service demonstrates Nebulyft's commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity. To further enhance the value of this service, Nebulyft® provides an additional six (6) months of warranty coverage for the Nebucare™️ replacement unit, commencing on the date the customer receives the updated device. This extended warranty coverage allows customers to have peace of mind, knowing that their investment in the Nebucare™️ service not only results in an upgraded device but also the continued support and assurance provided by Nebulyft®'s warranty policy.

6. Return Shipping Costs

In the event that a malfunction is attributable to manufacturing defects, Nebulyft® is committed to providing exceptional customer support by covering the costs associated with shipping the defective device to Nebulyft® for warranty service. This includes the expenses incurred for shipping the device to Nebulyft® as well as the cost of returning the repaired or replaced device back to the customer. This comprehensive coverage ensures that customers who experience manufacturing-related issues with their Nebulyft® devices can receive prompt and cost-effective assistance in resolving such problems.

Conversely, if the device's malfunction or damage arises due to human factors, such as accidents, misuse, abuse, or unauthorized modifications, the customer will bear the responsibility of shipping the device to Nebulyft® for evaluation and potential repair. Additionally, the customer will be required to cover the cost of return shipping for the device. By distinguishing between manufacturing defects and human-caused damage, Nebulyft® aims to maintain a fair and equitable warranty policy that protects both the interests of the company and its valued customers.

7. Limitation of Liability

Nebulyft®'s liability under the terms of this limited warranty is strictly confined to the repair or replacement of any defective device that falls within the scope of the warranty coverage. The company's responsibility does not extend beyond these remedies and, as such, Nebulyft® shall not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages that may arise from the use, misuse, or inability to use the device. This includes, but is not limited to, any loss of profits, loss of use, or any other financial or non-financial losses that may result from the device's malfunction or failure.

By clearly defining the limitations of Nebulyft®'s liability within the context of this limited warranty, the company seeks to establish a transparent and equitable framework for addressing any issues that may arise in relation to its devices. This approach ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the extent of the warranty coverage and the remedies available to them, while also protecting Nebulyft® from exposure to unwarranted or excessive liability claims.

8. International Relocation

Nebulyft's warranty and customer service provisions are currently exclusive to the United States and the United Kingdom, reflecting the company's focused commitment to these markets. Consequently, if a customer purchases a Nebulyft product within these areas and subsequently relocates to a country outside of our designated service regions, Nebulyft will regrettably be unable to offer warranty coverage and customer support. This limitation is due to the absence of established customer service facilities and networks in countries beyond the United States and the United Kingdom.

In light of these constraints, we strongly encourage prospective customers to verify whether Nebulyft has customer service facilities and coverage available in their destination country prior to purchasing our products. This precautionary measure ensures that customers are fully aware of the scope and limitations of the warranty coverage and customer support they can expect when relocating, thereby preventing any potential disappointment or inconvenience resulting from unmet expectations. Nebulyft remains committed to delivering exceptional products and services within our existing markets and continually seeks opportunities to expand our global reach and customer support capabilities.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This limited warranty policy is subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which the device was purchased, ensuring that the warranty terms and conditions adhere to the applicable legal framework within that jurisdiction. As such, the interpretation and enforcement of this warranty policy shall be carried out in accordance with the governing laws of the respective country, taking into account any relevant statutes, regulations, and legal precedents.

In the event of any disputes or disagreements arising from or relating to the interpretation, implementation, or enforcement of this limited warranty policy, the parties involved shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts situated in the country where the device was purchased. This provision establishes a clear and consistent legal venue for the resolution of any potential disputes, ensuring that all parties have access to an impartial and authoritative forum for addressing any issues pertaining to the warranty policy. By aligning the warranty policy with the governing laws and jurisdiction of the country of purchase, Nebulyft aims to promote transparency, fairness, and legal certainty for both the company and its customers.

By purchasing a Nebulyft® device directly from nebulyft.com, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this 1-year limited warranty policy.