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Anti-Aging Device

nebulyft® by Rebeccatech

Our mission: To create the ultimate, portable anti-aging solution that delivers professional results for at home or on the go.

Our story started in 2015, when business professionals who aspired to make skincare treatment effective and safe met with scientists and bio-engineers who specialized in radio-frequency microelectromechanical system (RFMEMS) technology at the University of California, Irvine. Traditional high-temperature RF treatments are mainly used at skincare clinics under the supervision of a professional, with “down-time” over two weeks. The Rebeccatech team strives to make a non-invasive solution for everyday use. Supported partially by a National Science Foundation I-corp program, over 300 clinical trials were conducted with successful rejuvenation results. We are changing lives one step at a time, with this small but fierce device.

nebulyft® by Rebeccatech

To create the ultimate, portable anti-aging solution 

To become a multi-millennial species

Anti-Aging Device

Advanced RFMEMS Integration

Rebeccatech’s 5th generation RFMEMS technology promotes subcutaneous collagen tightening and regrowth. We are USPTO patented and CE cleared. Our technology is highly recommended by top dermatologists and aestheticians in the greater Los Angeles. nebulyft® skincare devices employ hundreds of microelectrodes to work collectively to generate a uniform electromagnetic field. The RF energy reaches 2-3 mm underneath your skin where collagen contraction and growth begin, with ZERO burning and overheating side-effects. The multi-sensor intelligent control keeps your skin cool at below 42°C at all times. The bio-compatible, delicately textured body fits to the curvatures of the palm for a comfortable grip.


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