Nebulyft N1 Multipolar Micro-RF Anti-Aging Device

This patented nebula of Titanium-Gold electrodes (µRFthera®) delivers RF energy with sub-millimeter precision. Reducing daily treatment time to as little as 10 minutes, the Nebulyft system allows for a progressively adaptive treatment for different skin types and various facial areas.
  • ”Anti-gravity“ skincare treatment
  • 384 Titanium Micro-RF dots
  • Ceramic panel 3.26 square-in (21 square-cm)
  • Precise temperature control and monitoring 107°F (42°C) 
  • One LED touch button & LED Progress Light Bar (Back)

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Independent Titanium MICRO-RF dots

384 MICRO-RF dots (128 more than the previous model). The finer MICRO-RF dots allow for more precise delivery of the RF energy in an elliptical egg-shaped energy field that optimizes the polarity of the energy between the top and bottom of the epidermis. The results are better skin tightening, achieving clearer jawlines, erasing and lessening - nasal folds, crows feet and forehead wrinkles.

Multi-polar Radio Frequency Micro-electromechanical System (RF MEMS) Technology

The primary technology is Rebeccatech’s fifth-generation RFMEMS technology that promotes subcutaneous collagen tightening and regrowth. This revolutionary multi-polar RF technology is safe and effective for all skin types.

Independent Titanium MICRO-RF dots

Upgraded black enamel RF panel adds increased surface area while providing increased skin comfort and temperature control. The larger surface area of the RF panel contributes to better results for reducing facial edema, lightening under eye bags, shrinking facial pores and even lessening stretch marks - perfect for post pregnancy recovery.

Smart RF Energy Feedback Sensors

The dots deliver precise RF energy to the skin at the depth of the corium layer while the feedback sensors can detect and maintain the optimal temperature for the skin, allowing you to keep your skin's natural shield. The ability to maintain a comfortable temperature also allows for sensitive skin users to use the N1 without worry and it also allows busy users to take and use the N1 on the go. Now you can easily keep up with your routine - anywhere, anytime.

“This compact radio frequency device is impressive for its elegant appearance and for its use of modern technology,satisfying contemporary demands on beauty care.”

Statement From RedDot Jury

INTELLIGENT THERMAL CONTROLWorld 1st MicroRF Anti-Aging DeviceTruely Non-invasive

5 sensor real-time technology.
No hot-spots above 107.6°F (42°C).
No pain.

Portable design with 1-hour battery life for 5-6 treatments allows you to take N1 on a trip and use it anywhere, any time.

Portable design with 1-hour battery life for 5-6 treatments allows you to take N1 on a trip and use it anywhere, any time.

One-touch button with LED for all intelligent control. Vibration and sound alerts for easy mode switching & powering on/off.

One-touch button with LED for all intelligent control. Vibration and sound alerts for easy mode switching & powering on/off.

Nebulyft App

Nebulyft App

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Poolside friendly with IP67 water and dust proof.

Poolside friendly with IP67 water and dust proof.

LED progress light bar for monitoring treatment duration. 

LED progress light bar for monitoring treatment duration. 

2-hour Wireless charging time.

2-hour Wireless charging time.

Nebulyft works the best with Nebulyft Exclusive Gel series*

*Specially formulated by OLECEA BEAUTE
Lavandula Angustifolia Extract & Panthenol

Lavandula Angustifolia Extract & Panthenol

Main functions: Anti-inflammatory & Moisturize
100% Organically Produced

100% Organically Produced

Exclusively Customized and 100% Organically Produced in California, USA
Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water

Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water

Main functions: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Allergy, Relieving
Low Preservative

Low Preservative

Preservative lower than industrial standard

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Best RF Device on the market

I use Nebulyft N1 every night, what I can say is that I see a big difference on my skin since the first time use, I highly recommend this tiny device.

Great product!

Two weeks using every day and my skin started to look firmer!

Pro Model

I've asked this question last year: When will the Pro Model be available to which I never got a date of release? I would love to buy this, but knowing there is another model in the works makes me want to wait.

Naheed Mustafa
Nebulyft device N1

Yeah I purchased this device , as far as concern for structure of device it is very convenient , material has quality, results looks like is coming up to desire , I am using it for 1 week , my skin looks tighter and after make up it looks more good .let’s see after 3 week results . Customer service response by email is good , looks like they take care customer , of course spending $ 700 to $800 -lol.
To me this is best device if customer is planning to buy RF at home use .

So far so good

It’s only been 20 days, I feel better about the way my skin looks, it’s very subtle but I feel like my cheeks have tightened up a bit! I wouldn’t expect much at 20 days but I have already told people that adding this tool into my regimen was a game changer. I LOVE how quick the treatment goes by. I have a lot of beauty tools and it has slid into first place rather quick. I really like the conduction gel it comes with, I wasn’t originally planning to get more but I will be for sure. I found a couple reviews on YouTube that the before and afters were mind blowing so I am hoping it will help my upper lip lines which are minimal but of course I have an eagle eye... I have some questions: I read in the pamphlet don’t use more than 40 min a day, I am using it for 12, is it better to do more treatment up to 40? I would make the time at least to 20 minutes if it was going to make a difference to go over the same spot twice a day. So if anyone at Nebulyft can let me know that would be great! My other question is why can’t it go on the lips, and is it bad if it touches the lips? I’m really trying to get those lines that are starting from the lips and go up towards the nose, and it’s nearly impossible not to touch my actual lip doing it. Thanks!

Dear valued customer,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this amazing review on our product page. We are thrilled to hear that adding the Nebulyft Micro-RF Beauty Device into your regimen has been a game changer for you. We truly appreciate your support.
To answer your questions, generally, we recommend using the device for 10 minutes a day, and we do not suggest customer to use it for more than 20 minutes a day, so 12 minutes is perfectly fine.
Regarding your question about using the device on your lips, we do NOT recommend using the Nebulyft Micro-RF Beauty Device directly on your lips, as the skin on the lips is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face, and therefore more susceptible to damage from the heat generated by the RF energy. Additionally, the lips contain less collagen and elastin than other areas of the face, so the benefits of RF therapy may not be as noticeable or effective. However, using the device on the skin around your lips to target the lines that are starting from the lips and go up towards the nose is perfectly fine, as long as you avoid touching your actual lip (the area you apply lipsticks) with the device.
We hope this information helps, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.

Thank you again for your amazing review and support, and we wish you all the best on your journey to beautiful, radiant skin!

Best regards,
Nebulyft Customer Service