Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel (50ml / 1.7 fl oz)


Exclusive for the Nebulyft devices.

Produced Organically in CA, USA.

Develops a soothing, coupling effect on your skin.

Can be used as an instant hydrating mask, which relieves dehydration, minor redness, skin irritation, burning or itchy feeling, or even minor swelling.

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At Home Skin Tightening& Anti-Aging Technology

Discover your skinfor a new day in 10 minutes

10-min daily treatmenteffective for


& 100% Organic GelTURN BACK THE TIME

Enjoy a skin “lyfting” experiencewithout the pain.

Nebulyft works the best with Nebulyft Exclusive Gel series*

*Specially formulated by OLECEA BEAUTE
Lavandula Angustifolia Extract  & Panthenol

Lavandula Angustifolia Extract & Panthenol

Lavandula Angustifolia Extract & Panthenol
100% Organically Produced

100% Organically Produced

Exclusively Customized and 100% Organically Produced in California, USA
Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water

Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water

Main functions: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Allergy, Relieving
Low Preservative

Low Preservative

Preservative lower than industrial standard

PEOPLE LOVE nebulyft

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SallyNews LA Spa Owner

You can use it everyday! "If you use it every day its very good for facial wrinkles.''

Jennifer Gerace,LeProfessional Paramedical Aesthetician

Small but fierce. "I have had almost 7 weeks of using Nebulyft, and using it daily. The intensity level was high and the contraction of the tissue pretty much immediate and with incremental results.

HennyFashion Icon & Influencer manager

"I use it every day, before going to bed and its so relaxing because of the warmth. My jawline is my favorite part to use it, because of the tightening. ''


Why you need a nebulyft ?

Lifts facial contours
Strengthens deeper layers of the skin
Skin feels tighter after just one use*
Anti-Aging results in the comfort of their own home
Perfect for all adults desiring to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and visible signs of aging
Improves skin texture resulting in soft and smooth skin
Brightens dull color and tone for a fresher, younger appearance
Improves the appearance of pore size
Large treatment applicator – able to treat a large area of the skin at one time

Use before a big day and give yourself an instant “lyft”.

* Results may vary based on skin type and degree of laxity in skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nebulyft Botanical soothing gel 50 ml

Hi, my name is Alice. Thank you for sending me small size Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel 50ml. I am using it and I find it is better than a large size Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel 200ml because there is no more irritation, and I will keep using it. Actually, I use Nuface gel or aloe vera gel also feel irritation and feel like sunburn, but until now only Nebulyft small size Botanical Soothing Gel 50ml doesn't feel uncomfortable,so that is why I like to use it. When I use soothing gel, l always spray water on my face because that could help my beauty device move easily.
I keep using a nabulyft device and soothing gel in the morning.
At night time,I also use soothing gel instead face oil to do facial message, because after using nabulyft gel,I can feel my skin is bright. I tried one day two times to use nabulyft device,but my face changed too fat and big, so I comment just use it one day one time is better.

Svetlana Bartlett
Nebulyft Botanical Soothing Gel

I was pleasantly surprised with that Gel. My skin is very sensitive, so I am always nervous about trying new products. I did not need to worry about this gel. It feels very nice on my skin, and it works great with R1.

Holly Beck
I love my Nebulyft!

I have used my nebulyft daily for about three weeks. I can already see a texture change on my neck. I’m very excited to see what the months ahead will do for my skin texture and quality. Hopefully some years will be removed from my face!