Nebuyft LED Face Mask Light Therapy Device + Nebulyft Facial Mask


Nebulyft LED Light Therapy Mask + Nebulyft Facial Mask (5 pcs)

Awakens Skin Vitality in Just 10 Minutes. 

It effectively combats wrinkles and aging, tightens pores, and brightens and softens the skin.

Featuring 3 core technologies:

  • 100 LED light beads & 7-fold narrow-spectrum light waves, for comprehensive skin repair. 
  • 700 light waves, high-energy light waves, for full-face restoration.
  • Lightweight design of 260g, with no pressure when worn.

7 Light Modes with multiple adjustments.

  • Red Light: Combats sagging. Red light mode at 625-635nm stimulates collagen growth from within the skin, effectively improving skin sagging.
  • Purple Light: Purple light mode at 610-850nm helps regulate excessive sebum secretion, balances oil and water, and improves oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Yellow Light: Yellow light mode at 585-595nm brightens the skin and prevents dullness.
  • Blue Light: Blue light mode at 455-465nm has antibacterial and soothing effects, significantly reducing acne.
  • White Light: Stable repair.
  • Cyan Light: Smoothes the skin.
  • Green Light: Balances skin tone.

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